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Looking beyond

the horizon.


Our platform for virtual experiences combines the advantages of film and web design.

The combination of film and web design offers new possibilities that go far beyond the function of a corporate movie.


This symbiosis allows us to design interactive product presentations or virtual tours, with integrated information or shop links. 

Our technology enables seamless, fluid movement that follows a defined narrative. This enables targeted camera views and precise perspectives.

An interactive experience that allows customers to engage with brands in a new way.


Take a look at our virtual tour of Kunsthaus Bregenz.

Virtual Experiences und interaktive Showrooms

Virtual Experiences und interaktive Showrooms

We offer a platform to present buildings, places or products in the form of an immersive, interactive web experience.


Our technology enables seamless movement, combining the advantages of film and web design.

More Storytelling 

Integrated functions: product description,

Video player, audio player, image gallery, 360° images, direct links to external websites or to the web shop.

Diving into the realm 
of NFTs

Encounter the incredible world of NFTs.

tannen:bach supports companies in creating NFT projects. With our customer Casper Networks, a Layer-1 Proof of Stake Blockchain, we got to know the technology and the possibilities.

AI promising


We use the latest AI tools to develop even more exciting concepts. 

ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion or Midjourney all promise quick solutions. But quick solution comes when you are quickly satisfied.


The tools can generate impressive artworks, but they require a clear vision, precise goal setting, and knowledge of the correct prompt inputs. Above all, however, it takes perseverance to vary the prompts until the result corresponds to the objective.

AI generated Image to show the potential of AI
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